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Referrals, Who Is Saying What?

"Diane took the time to sit and talk about the process of selling my home. She is warm and caring! I would recommend her a 1,000 times and more. I will be using her on my next purchase or sale. Most important thing to me was she was not pushy and cared about my input!"

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Lisa W.

"I have purchased two properties from Diane Cooper. Diane is detailed oriented and very helpful so when we let her know what we are looking, she took the time to talk to us, learn our needs and find the right matches for us. I would highly recommend Diane for your real estate needs."

"I've had the pleasure of working with Diane on several occasions. Very professional gal. My house SOLD in a very reasonable time frame. Her ideas are fresh and she worked hard for me. I will definitely be calling Diane again if I find the need!"

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“From the first time we met Diane we knew we had the whole package! She is not only knowledgeable and professional but she offers a great deal of support and compassion throughout the entire process and we will be forever grateful to her.”

Becky & Mike B.

“After giving up our home years ago we weren’t sure we would be homeowners again, but Diane found us a property that was a perfect fit and we’re so happy to be in our new home.”

“We are very satisfied with all the work Diane put into selling our property. She never let us down, we were kept informed each step of the way. We have dealt with several agents in the past few years but found they were lacking the zest to get the job done. Diane has patience and she treats you like a person not just her client. We are looking forward to further work with her.”

Since 1979 I have bought and sold four houses and have met and worked with many real estate agents.  These life events are some of the most important (second to becoming a father and a teacher) in my life.   The real estate agent plays a crucial role in these transactions, and I cannot think of an agent more reliable, honest, knowledgeable, personable and persistent than Diane Cooper.

My partner, Peggy Dolan, and I have known and worked with Diane for the last four years.  In that time we have spent hours looking at properties to buy a new house and to sell my house.  Diane’s insights about the housing market, her candid advice and guidance allowed us to proceed with trust.  I lost my house and most of my possessions in the flood of August 2018 in Sheldrake, New York. I particularly appreciated Diane’s ability to help me to sell my house and recover from this huge personal loss.  I look forward to working with Diane in the future and would trust her again in making any real estate transactions.

In addition, Diane has become someone with whom we have shared a meal, a glass of wine, and friendship.

Bertha D. & Tom H.

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Diane Cooper was a complete joy to work with, she made us feel like we were her top priority. No matter what we needed she went out of her way to help us and made sure we had all the information needed in a timely manner.  This made our multistate move go off with the least amount of stress. She will be the first person we call when we are ready to sell and buy that retirement home.

Great advice!  Diane was very thorough and thoughtful in helping us sell our property.  She efficiently managed the showings and coordinated communications with the other agents, the survey team, attorneys and us.  It was a daunting process and Diane successfully guided us through it!

I can't think of any way Diane Cooper could have possibly made my home-buying experience better.  She handled everything with competence and attention to detail.  She is one in a million.

We purchased a home in the fall of 2018 with Diane Cooper as our buyer broker.  From beginning to end she was available, professional, and knowledgeable.  It was an unusual real estate transaction, as it was an unfinished converted 1860’s barn that had been used only as a summer cottage, and had a number of issues for someone like us who were planning on living in it year round.  Diane was straightforward and honest about these issues, where someone less ethical might have glossed over them, and we were able to purchase the property for considerably less than the asking price, allowing us to take care of needed work. 

We also needed to be in Massachusetts to prepare and sell our home there, then move with animals, including horses.  It was difficult, but could have been a very stressful time without Diane to help guide us through the process.  She was always available for our questions, provided us with information on home inspectors, contractors, etc., and went to the new house to meet them for appointments.  When we needed to know something we hadn’t noticed or had forgotten about, she went to the house, measured, and sent a picture.  She responded quickly to our many questions and was always in communication.

 Being new to the area, which is very different than where we came from, we had questions after the sale and again turned to Diane.  She was just as gracious as she had been when we were house hunting.  We can’t say enough about her.  If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, you can’t go wrong with Diane. 

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Diane had been tirelessly working with us for more than a year before we realized what kind of home we were looking for. She proactively contacted me about a month before we moved to this region. We had been thinking of a very specific style of a house. She is so efficient in locating very good candidates. She had been almost instantaneously responding to our questions either in phone call, text, or email.  When I looked at the hundreds of emails and text messages, I am still very much touched! She is truly amazing and whole-heartily dedicated to help us. She is so gracefully considerate in accommodating our evolving ideas.  


When we finally ran into the place we love, it became so obvious that we did not even realize what kind of style we really wanted in the first place! Diane immediately started the engaging process - literally worked around the clock. The rest is history! She had been putting our interests as the foremost place and we closed the house right on time. 


As we look back, we are extremely grateful to her. We not only have a cozy place to live and enjoy. It also acted as a safe shield for my family during the pandemic lockdown.  Wish everyone who is considering a new place could benefit from her service. 

Referrals are the lifeblood of my business. If you have a friend, family member, or colleague who could benefit from my real estate services, please contact me.

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