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A day in the life of a!

A morning timeline of a day in the life of an agent (me).

7:21 Let the dogs out. Wait. Let dogs in. Feed the cat while waiting. 7:30 Check cell phone for emails, texts, or missed calls 7:38 Get coffee 7:40 Return emails and texts (mostly pertaining to showings, real estate questions from clients, and follow-up on a couple of offers) 8:00 Create a 1-Day lock box code for a contractor needing to get in a listing. Text the info to the contractor 8:04 Let dogs out. Wait. Let dogs in. 8:10 Start paperwork for tomorrow's listing 8:12 Feed the insistent cat...even though she already had some canned food this morning. 8:20 Let the dogs out again. Wait. Let dogs in. 8:24 Work on weekly planner and the day's to-do list 8:40 Remember I was in the middle of filling out paperwork for tomorrow's listing. Return to it. 8:41 Decide I should get more coffee first. 8:42 Dogs remind me they haven't had breakfast. Feed the dogs. 8:47 Pesky cat decides since dogs got food she needs more canned food. Feed the cat. 8:53 Back to new listing paperwork. 8:55 What? Dog is telling me she needs to go out....again. 8:56 Let the dogs out. Decide we've had enough of the In-&-Out game so leave the door open so they can come in the house or go out to their fenced yard whenever they feel like it. 9:00 Start making some phone calls 9:12 Remember I was in the middle of new listing paperwork so go back down the hall to my home office. 9:31 Finish the new listing paperwork, create the new listing folder, check the lock box that will be going on the listing to make sure it's working correctly. Make a note on the front of the folder reminding me to put 4 signs in my car (large property so will need several signs) and what sign riders I'll need. 9:50 Realize I've forgotten to eat. Start to get breakfast. That darn cat hears the refrigerator being opened so comes running for more food. 9:51 Feed the cat. 9:53 Finish getting breakfast. Eat. 10:12 Check on the dogs. Sleeping peacefully on porch. 10:13 More coffee 10:14 Get ready for 1st showing of the day. 10:47 Get dogs in the house. Shut the door. 10:48 Ignore the cat when she tells me she's hungry. 10:50 Leave for my first showing making sure I have a 10 minute cushion. Don't want to be late. 10:53 What is up with this traffic. Lost a good chunk of my cushion. 11:08 Construction! Lost the rest of my cushion. 11:29 Whew. Arrive with 1 minute to spare. 11:30 Show the lake listing. 12:00 Take a deep breath as I stare out at the peaceful lake then think of all the things I still have to do today. Wonder if the cat is hungry.

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