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Being a real estate agent can be very frustrating and, as in many careers, there are times the agent has to pick his/her self up, shake it off and get back to work.

So what's so frustrating in the life of a real estate agent? An example is the agent who has worked with a buyer for months looking at countless homes, finally finding the perfect home for the buyer, putting in a full price offer......only to find that another buyer put in a cash offer. Cash is king. Even in real estate. The agent's buyer is crushed and the process of looking starts all over again.

I had this happen with two separate clients on two different homes last week and I'm writing about it because an acquaintance said something along the lines of real estate agents being frustrated in situations like the one I mention above because the agent won't be getting a commission check. Not true. Many real estate agents I know connect with their clients. We know for many of our clients that their hopes and dreams center around a home of their own. We feel their happiness and their frustration as we go through this process with them. And we know the system isn't always fair. When setbacks happen, like losing the house to another buyer, or not being able to negotiate structural issues so a deal falls apart, it's up to the agent to pick up their client, dust them off, and keep on keepin' on.

So...... if you have a home you are thinking of selling in the area between Trumansburg and Alpine (Hector, Burdett, Mecklenburg, Odessa) please let me know. Thank

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